Welcome to Inspire wellness. Our physicians and staff work hard to build personalized programs which focus on motivation and are reinforced by the opportunity for frequent visits that will make you stronger, happier, and healthier.

The Inspire wellness staff includes our physicians and licensed physical therapists who are supported by our nutritionists and a pharmacist. We will work with our personal trainers or yours to maximize your fitness, and our staff will provide lifestyle coaching. Our clinic is your go to team for weight loss, diet medications,  diet modification, nutrition advice, exercise training, fitness enhancement, and lifestyle change. We have special programs for patients who have been told they have early diabetes or high blood pressure, but wish to remain off of medications. If you are already on medications for obesity related disease, our physicians can adjust your medications in close coordination with your primary care doctor as you reduce the need for them through weight loss. We have the perfect complement of staff to help you work around your injuries or disabilities to achieve your wellness goals.

Our philosophy is to work with you from every angle to change your life for the better. We recognize that motivation to do the right things for your health is the hardest part of staying healthy. Our company is built to empower you to accomplish your health goals by taking an active part of your wellness plan. We understand that nobody lives the perfect lifestyle, and we will support you not only as you succeed, but as you fight to achieve your goals. We will never abandon you, but only support you more through the hardest parts of your journey to good health.

Ask us about our services; we are happy to share with you how we are able to help you change your life for the better. We will inspire you…

If you commit to the program, we will commit to you. We will stick with you through every failure, misstep, and bump in the road, and you will achieve your goal.

Call to schedule an appointment and ask what specials we are running!