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5 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Busy Life

By January 22, 2019Health

We get it – life is chaotic and busy. At all times, it seems. How could you possibly make intentional time for healthy eating, regular exercise, or any of the other habits you’d love to start but can’t quite find the time to incorporate? We have five suggestions to stay healthy with a busy life.

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Put it in on your calendar

Living in a very structured day-to-day lifestyle can make it seem impossible to fit in time to go the gym or fit in a workout.  Setting a specific appointment or marking a workout on your calendar for your favorite fitness class or simple workout at home can motivate you to go and stay on track.  Fitting in just 30 minutes a day can have major improvements. You may find that waking up an hour early to fit in a quick workout can keep you energized all day and have it checked off your to-do list before you even start your day!  

Meal plan

Not only does it save money, but provides you with time during week nights when things seem to stay hectic.  Set aside some time, such as Sunday afternoon, to prep a few days or a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinners.  These can be quick and simple options, or can be crockpot meals that you put in the freezer to pull out and start to have for dinner.  There are so many great recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious!  This creates a relaxing week and assures you have a healthy, satisfying meal without all the labor each day.   

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So many of us do not drink enough water.  With a market increasingly saturated with sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda, juice, and calorie-rich coffee drinks, we are drinking more and more sugar each year.  These have major implications such as weight gain, increasing risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases, tooth decay, and dehydration.  Focus on drinking your weight in pounds divided by 2 in ounces. For example, a 200 lb. individual should aim to drink 100 oz. per day.  Water is vital to our health and our body’s functions—make it a priority! Keep a water bottle at your desk, make a goal to drink a glass before starting your meal, or log your intake throughout the day.

Look for hidden opportunities to fit in exercise

Just because you don’t make it to the gym for an hour each day doesn’t mean you can’t fit in some time for activity.  Getting in 10 minutes of movement three times a day can be just as beneficial as a 30 minute sweat session. Try taking your lunch break and walking, doing squats while on the phone, or lifting weights during commercial breaks watching your favorite show.  The benefits of exercise are tremendous and help to fight off disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood glucose control, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.  

Focus on your sleep

When sleeping the recommended 7 to 9 hours a night, our bodies function at their best ability.  Waking up motivated to accomplish your daily tasks provides increases likelihood of more movement and less stress.  There are direct correlations between sleep and weight like decreasing food cravings and keeping metabolism higher.  Set an alarm to go to sleep at your goal bedtime and decrease screen time closer to your bedtime as well.  

If you would like someone to help you streamline your efforts to make sure you’re getting the biggest health benefits from your limited time, we’d be happy to chat!