Our wellness staff works in conjunction with our team of awesome Registered Dietitians to meet any and all needs for each patient.

We know that everyone struggles with different things - maybe you don't have time to meal plan; maybe you're trying to feed your picky family while staying healthy; maybe you aren't sure where to start. Whatever the case, our team is ready to help tailor a plan just for you for as little or as much as you need us to help!

Nutrition Counseling

Individual: Individual nutrition counseling is truly all about you. By discussing your dietary and wellness routines, habits, and history, we work together to choose a plan that
works for you and set goals that you feel are attainable. We are with you every
step of the way to keep you motivated and encouraged to stay on track and
achieve all you desire.

Personalized Meal Plans

Want to change your diet but not sure where to start? Working together and
using your preferences and dislikes, as well as nutritional needs and goals, we
will create a weekly or monthly meal plan you can utilize for success.

Group Wellness Classes

Covering a variety of topics, our staff will lead group wellness and nutrition
classes to continue education in all clients. From “How to Read Nutrition Labels”
to “Benefits of Protein” and “Ways to Decrease Sugar in Your Diet,” all wellness

Cooking Classes

Come hungry for good food, new recipes, and fun. For all ability and experience
levels, come learn how to choose recipes you’ll love and pick up new skills to
create healthy meals for yourself and your family. Join us for demonstration,
hands-on cooking, and share the enjoyment of trying new creations that you’ll
look forward to trying again and again!

Grocery Store Tours

Ever feel intimidated by shopping for groceries? Let us take the stress and
confusion away through grocery store tours. Aisle by aisle you’ll be led to
choose items to create meals and provide nourishment for your family while
learning to read nutrition labels, what to avoid, save time and money, and
choose go-to items you and your family will love.

Custom Nutrition Counseling

If you aren’t sure where to start, we can customize a plan just for you and/or your family. Plans can include: custom 2 week nutrition plans paired a nutrition assessment; a monthly program that includes a 16-week nutrition plan and monthly check-ins with a Dietician; distance support; generic meal planning; on-demand Dietician visits & more.

Sarah Gwyn, RD, LDN

Registered Dietician

Sarah is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She received her bachelor of science degree in nutrition and dietetics from Appalachian State University and completed her dietetic internship training through Lenoir Rhyne University. With experience in the clinical hospital setting to outpatient education and counseling, Sarah loves working with patients. It is her goal to help her patients find the best approach for nourishing a healthy relationship with food and to discover the specific nutrition needs of each individual.

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