No Gym, No Problem - Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Don’t have a gym membership?? No problemo. The world is your oyster and you are the grain of sand that overtime, layer by layer, will become the pearl that you were meant to be.

Gym memberships have their perks, but they’re not essential to your exercise journey. There are things all around us that we can improvise with to perform exercise, which includes our very own bodies. Let us introduce or reacquaint you with bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic way to start, maintain, and increase your physical health and fitness. Here are a few to get you started on your journey…

Body squats:

From a standing position place you feet approximately shoulder width apart. To perform the exercise you should then bend at both the knees and your hips at the same time while maintaining a relatively upright posture throughout your torso and head. Proceed to squat down until your thighs are roughly parallel to the ground and then stand back into an upright position from head to feet.

**Adjust your feet to a relatively comfortable width if needed. Shoulder width is just a good position to start from for most. Be sure that as you squat up and down that your knees don’t cave inward. It may also help to have your arms extended forward during this move to help counter-balance your body.

*Improv-moves*- If too difficult use a stationary chair to squat down and sit on and proceed to stand up again. If you find it too easy then try adding some weight using handy home gym equipment like a kettle bell or maybe fill that empty gallon jug with water or sand.


Start by being in a hands-and-knees position and place hands approximately shoulder width apart.

Then, with arms still extended, proceed to extend each leg behind so that you’re in a hands-and-toes position.

To perform the exercise you will lower your body by

bending at your elbows until your chest is just a few inches above the ground. From there you will then extend at your elbows until your arms are straight again.

** Make sure that your body maintains a straight line from head to toes without letting your knees bend or lower your back drop.

*Improv-moves*- If you can’t perform them from the floor (YET!!) try using a bench, couch or countertop to push off of. If it’s too easy then put your feet on small boxes, balls or chairs to increase difficulty.

Don’t forget your cardio!! Heart health is an essential piece to your over all well-being.

While you can turn almost any move into an aerobic exercise, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple with things such as….



You can do this almost anywhere, around your neighborhood, park, or even just around the office. If you find yourself tired of the daily monotony then a stroll along a local trail can be an excellent means to escape mentally and physically.

To start give 10-15 minutes a try. As you get better and find it easier to do try and add time and/or increase your speed.

**Don’t like to run, but still trying to keep it simple?? Then try Swimming or biking!! These are great alternatives or just options to keep things spicy.