Living Inspired - Ep. 4 - Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Living Inspired – Ep. 4

By July 13, 2018Videos

Doctor, I’ve been doing what you said and I’ve been dropping carbs from my diet. So I don’t drink beer at night anymore. Now I only drink wine.

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Hi, I’m Doctor Jason Patten with Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy. Today we’re gonna be talking about portion control, especially when you go out to eat. That doesn’t mean eat every portion you can. When you’re out with someone else, go ahead and order one meal for the two of you. There’s always enough food. If you’re alone, then tell the server to go ahead and package the meal, half of it for now, half of it for later. The only person who’s gonna be dissatisfied with that is the server because your bill will be so small.