Living Inspired - Ep. 3 - Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Living Inspired – Ep. 3

By July 13, 2018Videos

Doctor, I’ve been staying well-hydrated just like you said. I’ve been drinking a gallon of Gatorade every day and I’ve gained four pounds! What’s going on?

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Patten with Inspire Wellness and Physical Therapy. Today, we’re gonna talk about exercise, everyone’s favorite subject. When we have new patients come into our clinic, that’s one of the most important questions they ask is, “What should I be doing? Is it aerobics, weight lifting, Zumba, yoga?” The answer? Anything. As long as you can get moving and do something, it’s more than you’re doing now. If we can get you started on that process, it will make maintaining that weight loss all the easier. The studies have shown that it’s not the most important part of losing weight, but it is absolutely an important factor in keeping it off.