Living Inspired - Ep. 2 - Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy

Living Inspired – Ep. 2

By July 13, 2018Videos

Doc I would do anything to lose 20 pounds except diet and exercise.

To answers questions like these and more follow our series. Hey I’m Doctor Jason Paton at inspire wellness and physical therapy. Today’s tip, we’re going to cover goal setting. So weight loss is not just about your diet. One of the things I want people to pay attention to is that we’re going to choose a goal. I want it to be specific, such as, I’m going to lose one percent body fat. I want it to be measurable. So I want to be able to measure that before and after my target period. Let’s say, 30 days.

I want you to also develop a reward. So that if we can achieve our goal, let’s say we invite our family to the movies and I tell them in the beginning, we are not going unless I succeed and then we can all succeed together at the end. Finally I want you to have a plan. Find a way to achieve that goal, whether it come see us at Inspire, or whatever you are going to do, do something.