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Healthy Habits to ADD to Your Routine

So often, we hear about things we should cut out, or bad habits we should stop. Sometimes, that can be helpful, but who wants to focus on “don’ts” and “limit this” all the time?

What about things we could ADD to our diets and lifestyles, or things we can do more of?

Habits to incorporate into your New Year:

  • Prioritize sleep (most of us are skimping on sleep and not getting enough. Aim to get 7+ hours/night)
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more prebiotic and probiotic foods. Yes, we mean foods like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut! These foods have multiple health benefits for our health, immunity and digestion.
  • Find an an accountability partner. Studies show having someone to hold you accountable increases your chances of meeting your goals. Who’s going to be your accountability buddy?
  • Cook more meals – Americans spend a lot of money eating out. But, when you cook in your own kitchen, you’re able to control the ingredients you’re using. Here’s a list of quick healthy meals if you need some inspiration!
  • Spend more time outside – Whether it’s walking with a friend, or reading outside, try to get away from the computer/tv more often. Breathe in the fresh air and move when you can!
Happy 2019!!