Large corporations spend significant amounts of money on their corporate wellness programs; they do not spend their money without the expectation of profitable returns. They achieve these returns through dramatic increases in worker productivity, a decrease in sick days taken by their workforce, and greater employee satisfaction that results in better customer service and company loyalty. Greater health and happiness also promotes longevity in the workforce that reduces the significant cost associated with replacing a skilled worker.

The cost of these programs is usually between $150 – $300 per worker per month; only a large corporation can afford to spend this kind of capital with only the possibility of future return…until now. Inspire wellness & Physical Therapy has developed an economical corporate wellness program for smaller businesses. You can achieve the same benefits as these larger corporations for less than 20% of that cost. Additionally we offer medium and large sized businesses our expertise through contracted services.

We offer an innovative combination of education, competition, motivation, and leadership development in a unique environment for your employees. We screen the health of your employees and work with their primary care doctors to improve their general health. For those that have not sought medical care in the past, we can get them started on the right track to prevent disease that will reduce their productivity in your business. We provide education in the areas of goal setting, leadership, nutrition, & physical fitness each month. We reinforce this with competitions, group activities, & private health screenings. Through this, we will build camaraderie amongst your staff, help you develop your leaders, and provide happiness in your workplace.

We are the experts in health and wellness as our team consists of physicians (MD’s), physician assistants, registered dietitians, and physical therapists. Our significant education and experience will provide your staff with a diverse understanding of health, not just opinions. Please see our first year plan for a detailed look at what we offer your business for a minimal cost. Imagine the benefits of a happier, more productive workforce that is excited to be at your place of business serving your customers. Let us Inspire you…and your team.

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