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Benefits of a Pantry Clean-Out

One of the first steps in eliminating bad habits, when it comes to your nutrition, should be a pantry clean-out. Is your pantry filled with items that tempt you? Items that you find yourself snacking on without realizing it? Items you’re trying to decrease in your diet? A large obstacle to maintaining your goals is the food right in your own kitchen. Packaged items oftentimes contain high amounts of added sugar, refined carbohydrates, sodium, and preservatives.  Rather than risk temptation by keeping these items around, why not get rid of them?

Benefits of a Pantry Clean-OutWhen your pantry is filled with options that fit into your wellness plan, there are no risks of breaking your goals.  This provides endless options of great snacks and meals without any thought of if it fits into your new lifestyle. Removing the tempting or easy (packaged) foods that may be within reach will help you to reach instead for healthy, nutritious foods that will support your wellness goals, instead of ruining them.

A pantry clean-out by a nutritionist helps to eliminate the “bad” foods from your house, but it also leaves you with an organized pantry. Often, having each item in its own place, clearly labeled or easily accessible will also help you meet nutritional goals. By putting foods in categories and out of hiding, you are more inclined to cook with them. Put the foods you are aiming to eat more of out of sight and the ones that are great choices in the front. This also provides for less food waste and more money saving.

Our team offers pantry clean-out services to our wellness clients, nutritional services clients, and as a service to the community. Maybe you aren’t looking for a wellness partner, but you are struggling with your family’s overall healthy eating habits.  Our wellness staff will come assist you by looking at nutrition labels, discussing your current diet, and getting rid of those items that aren’t in your new lifestyle, while explaining how they aren’t beneficial.  We’ll help you arrange your pantry in a way that fits your family’s rhythm. (And, if you need us to help you with meal planning menus, we can do that as well!)

This removes the temptation and allows you to have a clean and organized pantry ready for cooking and snacking on the best options for you. No need for us to throw out items we take away from your house – we can donate them to a local food bank or other non-profit. It’s a win-win!

Want to hear more about the importance of nutrition? Our PA, Mary Beth Corey, shares her nutritional journey in this video: