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5 Ways to Stay Active in the Lake Norman Area

By March 27, 2019Exercise

Spring is in the here and so is the urge to get out and play! We can’t tell you how excited we are to get outdoors in some sunshine and explore!

Ramsey Creek Park

Ramsey Creek Park via @3cs704 on Instagram

There are other benefits for being outside and moving about, just like exercising. Not only does being outside scientifically help you feel better emotionally, it also helps lower your blood pressure, boost good levels of cholesterol, and reduce the chance of osteoporosis and other health disorders.

With all of those incredible benefits in mind, we put together a list of fun ideas of 5 Ways to Stay Active in the Lake Norman Area for getting outside!

Lake Norman Paddle Boarding

Lake Norman paddle boarding via standuplkn.com

  1. Join a Meet-up group, like Walking Inspired 
  2. Get involved with Fit for Moms, there are a strong and fun community for moms 
  3. Rent a V Bike in Davidson and ride around town for an hour for $1  
  4. Rent a kayak or try paddle boarding on Lake Norman!  (PS. YMCA also does kayak rentals if you have a membership!)
  5. Walk around local trails or state parks
    1. Ramsey Creek Park
    2. Jetton Park
    3. Robbins Park
    4. North Mecklenburg Park
    5. Blythe Landing Park