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4 tips on how to love yourself through exercise

4 tips to practice self love while you exercise

I was inspired by reading the article 4 Tips for Finding Self- Love on the Yoga Mat* and realized, we can practice self love while we exercise too!

1. Know your value.

It’s important for us to set goals, like eat more greens, work out 5 days a week, and create a work life balance. Goals help us achieve more and give value to the community around us. Some days it’s hard to accept your failures, but it’s important to keep trying and practice that positive self talk (Step 4)! I was inspired by a quote“ ..declare your current state as beautiful, capable, and enough.” You are worth it, you work hard at your job, you provide for your family, and the truth is you are important to the community around you!

Often we get so caught up in taking care of others that we lose a sense of our own value. That’s when you notice you are more tired than usual, not sure if you can handle the next appointment,  dreading your next friend meet up, all because you aren’t taking the time to take care of yourself.

Know you are worth it, you are valuable to the people around you. When you take time for yourself, you are teaching others too. You are teaching them how to set their own boundaries

 and be better at handling the world around them vs just reacting to the things around you, with stress anxiety and exhaustion.  Therefore, take time for yourself to recharge. You are worth it. I keep repeating it, but it’s because it’s true! I sometimes feel selfish when I say I need “me time to work out” but the truth is it’s taking care of yourself! I take care of myself by exercising during “me time” so I can be there for others longer, better, stronger, and fully. The looking good, reduction in health illnesses, and feeling good is just an extra bonus. You are worth it too.


2. Know modifications that suit your body and grant yourself permission to take them!

With time our bodies change and that’s completely normal! We ache more than we used to, our knees feel puffy, our back takes longer to warm up, or we can’t run like we did in our 20s and that’s okay and completely normal! It means you have lived a good life and played hard. Give yourself permission to do something different to modify your exercises if your body has aches and pains. Maybe instead of running, you can go swim or bike ride for a low impact exercise. Or switch it up, instead of going for a long walk, join a yoga class. Be kind to yourself and don’t let injuries keep you from taking care of your body.


3. Don’t be afraid of your body.

I know I personally ignore my body when I have an injury or I am embarrassed about not taking care of my body like I should. It’s plain denial. If I don’t think it’s true, then it must never have happened! Don’t be like most of us though, take responsibility for your body, be courageous and look at yourself and say “ yeah I just skipped four days of my workout routine, but I am in charge of my health and body, so I am going to workout today!” Don’t be afraid of what happened or how time slipped by. Find a friend to work out with or a health care provider to help you  with any modifications you may need and embrace the changes that happen with your body!


4. Practice gratitude through positive self talk.

We are all too hard on ourselves. Have you ever kept a journal of your thoughts and seen the negative thoughts that just pop up? Try it sometime! It’ mind blowing. The truth is though, the only way to get better and positive self talk is by practicing it frequently! Stop your mental  exercise routine of:

“I can’t do that”

“ I can’t believe I let myself get so far behind”

“UGH I need to lose this weight but I can’t do it”

“Why does I look the same even though I have tried all of _____(you fill in the blank)?!”

Start your workout routine with gratitude. Practice positive self talk. Say things like:


“Instead of going to the gym today, I will walk to enjoy the beautiful weather”

“I am so thankful to be outside today”

“Stretching makes me feel happy again”

“I am thankful to connect with my friends and work out at the same time”

“I am making a change in my health for the better”

“I may not see change yet, but I know that all my hard work pays off in the long run!”


You may be thinking, “Yeah, these tips are easier said than done!” or “I’ve heard all this before but I can’t seem to stick to it.” Now is the time to practice positive self talk and take action. You can contact us here at Inspire Wellness and Physical Therapy and join our Wellness Program. You don’t have to do it alone and you are worth it! **4 Tips for Finding Self- Love on the Yoga Mat https://www.doyouyoga.com/4-tips-for-finding-self-love-on-the-yoga-mat/?fbclid=IwAR29CdBosBadRgxcxKQM18cowtqZtRH_XV6GSRoDFyR4asDWTd_pnXqf5Ok