We Will Inspire You

Your source for weight loss, physical therapy, and corporate wellness


At Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy, we provide a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Our Physicians, Registered Dietitians and Physical Therapist promote nutrition, mobility and medications when necessary.

“Immediately started feeling better – eating the right way, the support of the staff and learning how to eat has made a huge difference.” -Pam S, Wellness Patient


We are not just here to tell you HOW to be healthy and feel better; we are here to teach, encourage, and support you to achieve your health goals. Our mission is to empower you so that you will become stronger and happier with each visit to us.


Our team consists of doctors of medicine and physical therapy with additional training and experience in nutrition and exercise science. We have taken care of the young and the experienced from all walks of life; we have supported them through their injuries and illnesses. As military veterans, we have kept our soldiers ready to fight and helped them recover when they were injured.


We are a comprehensive team of doctors who look at you as more than just an illness or an injury. We provide physical therapy services with a holistic mindset to help you recover from injury, while our wellness services help to prevent the next injury.