Wellness Inspired by You

Once you find your why, we're here to help you with the way. We're your wellness partner for weight loss, physical therapy, and nutrition. We work with you to customize a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget, and family.

Wellness Partners Who Get It

We created Inspire Wellness & Physical Therapy to provide both a comprehensive and individualized approach to weight loss and healthy living. What that means is our Physicians, Registered Dietitians and Physical Therapist promote a realistic and sustainable plan for nutrition, mobility, lifestyle modifications, and medications as needed. We know everyone has a different reason for wanting to improve their health, and we’re ready to listen to you. Our Huntersville / Lake Norman team can work with you in the office or online. When we say we are here for you, we mean it.

“[I] immediately started feeling better – eating the right way, the support of the staff and learning how to eat has made a huge difference.” -Pam S, Wellness Patient


Our Weight Loss counseling services are designed around you and your individual needs. We are dedicated to providing these individualized solutions through meaningful discussion of your dietary and wellness routines, habits, and history. We’ll work together to develop a plan that works for you, while setting goals that you feel are attainable.



Our approach to Physical Therapy is from a place of understanding. We understand that injuries and impairments can affect different people in many different ways. Because of this, a highly personal approach is required in order to keep you motivated to get well. Our highly trained Physical Therapy staff is renowned for our commitment to individual satisfaction and recovery.



Our staff is dedicated to your overall wellness. Our team of dietitians will work with you to create customized, healthy meal plans that fit your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. We can help you grocery shop, clean out your pantry, provide food education to your whole family, and even help you incorporate healthy eating for the pickiest members (often the youngest members!) of your family.